Mokann Brand

Brand name

MOKANN is a juxtaposition of the original Polish MOKOSH Cosmetics brand name and the name of the two founders of the company - Anna Didiuk & Anna Rutkowska-Didiuk. The name Mokosh comes from the ancient Slavic goddess of the Earth, fertility and water. In old beliefs, Mokosh was the patron of crops and women. Today, we proudly run the brand whose name symbolises the goddess of nature and femininity.


Who are we?

Anna Didiuk and Anna Rutkowska Didiuk founded the company in April 2014. Our team consists of specialists and enthusiasts of creative work who are constantly expanding their knowledge and developing skills practical to us daily.

What are we doing?

We produce in Poland, near Warsaw where the MOKANN company office
and laboratory with machine park is located.

Our assortment includes cosmetics for body and face care, which are used for professional cosmetic treatments also. Fans of holistic care choose single component products that they can mix to create unique rituals. For fans of unusual scents, perfect textures and precious raw materials, we provide multi-component cosmetics.

All products are the result of the mutual efforts of technologists and cosmetologists. That's why they meet the real needs of customers so well. We use carefully selected products for production, primarily organic raw materials with a proven effect. For us, the satisfaction of our customers is always the highest reward.

What about ecology?

Our work focuses on environmental care. MOKANN packaging is returnable (in Poland), and we use recycled raw materials for promotional products. #EarthIsHome (Polish ZiemiaToDom) is our flagship and non-commercial project bringing hundreds of people together to clean the world. Our main goal is to educate and promote pro-ecological activities.

From June 2021, our headquarters and our production is powered by solar, wind and hydroelectric energy. We are independent of fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy sources.