Meet Slavic Nature

    Its founders, Emilia and Radek, have a passion for nature.

    Emilia, an artistic soul, a hairdresser by vocation and education, is passionate about body and hair care. Nature and travel inspire her.

    Radek is a born entrepreneur who keeps the business reins of the company, but not only at the office. Nature, too, inspires and challenges him in pursuit of their goals.

    Without these challenges, Slavic Nature would not be what it is.

    Slavic Nature takes its name from the love of nature and their Slavic roots. Slavic women are considered some of the most beautiful in the world. They are associated with flawless skin, beautiful hair, and goddess-like figures.

    Is it their genes or their secret rituals the source of their feminine beauty?

    Nature in the Slavic areas is very rich. It provided our great-great-grandmothers with everything they needed to care for their health and beauty. Despite their unfamiliarity with exotic oils or Asian plants, the Slavs knew very well how to take care of themselves.

    Living in a world dominated by synthetic, artificial products, where we come into contact with inorganic chemical ingredients at every step, we increasingly need contact with nature and look for natural forms of body care. And so, Slavic Nature’s cosmetics and beauty rituals are sourced from Slavic herbs and recipes that Emilia and Radek believe will win the hearts of people in US as they have already in their own country.

    Our cosmetics are intended for women, men, and children. Everyone who wants to be close to nature will find something for themselves.


    Invite nature into your home and discover
      the harmony and relief of natural care.